Q: Are you a freight broker?          A: No, a freight broker represents the shipper. We represent YOU, the carrier at all times.  

Q: When do you charge for your services?          A: We charge by credit card at time of dispatch, after you have approved a load.

Q: Do you credit qualify the shipper/broker before dispatch?          A: Absolutely! You never have to haul for someone with a poor credit history.

Q: Do I have to use you all the time?          A: No. You can use us on a per load basis. Let us know ahead of time so we can work on your next load ASAP.

 Q: Can you invoice for me?          A: Yes! We can invoice directly on your letterhead. The $$$ goes straight to you. We never touch your money.

Q: Can you work with my factoring company?          A: Yes! Just give us their information and we will work directly with them to get you paid quickly.