The concept is quite simple. We work as your personal dispatch department. While you are on the road with your current load, we are negotiating your next one. As your representative, we find the best possible loads matching your profile and negotiate the best possible rate. We take care of any necessary load documentation, and credit check the shipper/broker prior to load confirmation. Once you authorize a load, you call us at pick-up, once a day during transit, and at delivery. We take care of the back office so you can stay on the road making money.


- No forced dispatch. You decide which loads to take.

- Truck posting.    

- Shipper/Broker credit check

- Signing & transferring all required paper work.

- Daily load status updates to shipper/broker.

- Invoicing on your letterhead ($$$ goes direct to you).

- Working with your factoring company.

- Working on  next load while you deliver current one.